Monday, August 10, 2009

Todays Happenings

  1. got a phone call from a woman who wanted to interview me for a part time job this coming year. arrange interview time for 11:30am today.
  2. while talking to her, I multitask...doing sign language telling Brian that no, we are not going to wild rivers today.
  3. open pantry and smell a smell that no one should smell when they open their pantry...close door and make a mental note to deal with it later.
  4. hop in the shower. deal with alex while he yells through the door the whole. time. i . am. in. the. shower. about wanting to 'hang out all day and night' with friends.
  5. get out of shower, call mobile mechanic to come fix matthew's car. set up appointment for 1:30pm, well after my interview time.
  6. get ready to leave and get a call from mechanic...he is out front.
  7. run in, wake up matthew, run back out and tell mechanic he has 5 minutes and then i have to leave.
  8. mechanic can't fix car here, so we arrange to drive it to his shop. in santa ana.
  9. race out to interview, hoping the woman i cut off is not the woman i am meeting. fortunately, she is running a few minutes late, so i call and make chiropractor appointments for matthew and brian and check up on alex.
  10. get interviewed. get hired. accept job. try not to jump up and down and scream at how thankful i am while in front of her, but i do jump up and down and scream once i am in my car. =0)
  11. run to grocery store for all the makings of a roast chicken dinner for that guy that i like so much, who has been having a rough day.
  12. get back in car. jump up and down and scream just a little bit more.
  13. drive home. unload groceries.
  14. with matthew following me with his very loud car, drive to santa ana and meet arturo and morales at their garage. instantly like them. ask them about my timing belt, knowing the dealer wants $1,200 to replace it. they can do it for a third of that price. instantly like them even more.
  15. leave matthew's car and drive home, only worrying a little that we might never see his car again.
  16. swing home and pick up brian and drive both boys to the chiropractor.
  17. come home and shave off matthew's mohawk. tour is over and the statement was made. earrings are still present, though.
  18. spend and hour trying to decline university mandated health insurance for matthew. we have our own, thankyouverymuch, but why oh why is it so complicated? almost cried uncle and paid the $1,400...that's how bad it was.
  19. get talked out of roast chicken for dinner. making homemade pesto with sausage instead. i even offered nick's, but my boy wants a homecooked meal.
  20. send matthew in my car to pick up alex, thankful that they like each other.
  21. fold laundry, unload dishwasher and flip through People magazine, realizing that i have eaten NOTHING yet today. fix that by drinking a diet coke and eating left over risotto from last night.
  22. call morales about matthew's car. he doesn't answer. uh oh.
  23. hear back from morales. car is fixed and he is driving it home to, who does that?
  24. car is delivered, paid for and runs better than it has in years for less money than i could've ever imagined. could our car karma be changing?
  25. make pesto and eat with a crowd of boys...all mine plus an extra or two. conversation is lively and centers around the way i drive. whatever.
  26. jammies on and italian creme cake is waiting. army wives is tivo'd and i have a job. so exciting!



  1. So what is your new job? Details please!

    My day was also busy. I took Liz to the dentist for two fillings, Goodwill to shop for jeans and deals (like the $10 dress with original $70 Macy's price tag still attached), Wal-Mart to shop for a floor lamp, the eye doctor, the doctor for a TB test for nursing clinicals, the library, home for dinner, and out to one more store. I managed to squeeze in my workout before dinner. I'm tired! Tomorrow is a day of shopping and lunch with my mom, an ice cream social at school, and hopefully a concert at Ravinia to hear James Galway play Claude Bolling with Tiempo Libre. A summer of fun with the college girl packed into one short week : )

  2. So does this mean the jewelery business is done for?

    Matthew is just going back to college, let him keep his hair the way he wants!

    Maybe I will an ear pierced, after all Cheryl has some very interesting piercings!

  3. She got a job at Burger King ~ and I have proof.

  4. OK, so who wants a photo of Michele at work? Just email me (through my blog) and I would be HAPPY to send it (especially to her kids who would love a good laugh ~ or dart board)

  5. Quick!!! Jump on over to my blog to see Michele at work!


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