Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picture Day

Hold's a random sort of picture day.


Our Turkish neighbors brought over some homemade olives, which I have just declared to be the BEST thing I have ever eaten.

For reals, this time.


Not sure who the culprit is, but did they not think I wouldn't notice the stickers from their fruit?
M ate his sushi outside while talking with our neighbors. So I took a picture of him eating sushi outside while talking with our neighbors.

It's a slow news day.
Brian loved skateboarding camp...and I even have a great video of him taking out one of the instructors. It isn't pretty, so I'm not posting it, but it is kinda sorta a mean sort of way.

Margaritas last night with Teri and Dea. Between the 3 of us, we are the moms to 8 sons. Crazy. Dea talked us into football and has the only son still remaining...not sure who lucked out on that one.

Matthew packed and moved. Year 2 is MUCH easier, but I still miss him like crazy.
Not sure if I showed this last year, but my Aunt Paula made me this quilt as a high school graduation present and it is the most fought over quilt in our family. Matthew's on his bed in his dorm.

We have a new family Mrs Fig Tree.

A present from that guy I like so much...probably one of the best ever. Some like jewels...I like figs.
It's already got lots of fruit on it!
My garden, in preparation for a good mulching before the winter planting. It looks so sad and lonely...but on Monday it won't be when I plant more tomatoes.
The last picking of the summer...probably one of the best gardens I've ever had. Thank you Fullerton College Horticulture rock.
We bought a Venus Fly Trap to help with the fruit flies...and it works.

It truly is a creepy kind of plant.
And that, folks, is just about it.


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  1. Cheryl's still working on the quilt she started when Kate was a baby. I used to think it was a quilt she would give Kate when she went away to college, now I am thinking first child... :-p

    Love you Cheryl!!!!


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