Friday, August 7, 2009


I made a batch of zucchini chocolate chip muffins, went to the market for a few things and came home to one muffin on the plate.


Apparently, they were good.

Yesterday we were looking for something to do...Brian had been to a water park the day before and got very overcooked in the sun, so that left out the beach and the pool. Decided on a movie, had him call a few friends and off we went to see G-Force.

Which,'s about talking guinea pigs.

I lasted about a minute and slipped out into the next theater and caught the end of The Ugly Truth and when that ended I wandered into the beginning of Harry Potter.

Yeah, I know it is probably not cool to theater hop, but talking animals drive me to do crazy things.

And then the best part...I left that movie, too, and walked into Big, Loud, Live or whatever it is called and watched Matthew perform live on the big movie screen.

And cried. I sure do miss that kid.

All that and I STILL had to sit through the last 5 minutes or so of the talking guinea pig movie.

Home to gather up the shoulder pads and helmet (the only equipment we did not purchase) and walked the walk of shame (without Brian, of course...but then again mothers can be much more cruel than children) all the way to the team mom at the football field to return everything.

But my walk of shame turned into a walk of glory when she handed me the refund form to fill out.

REFUND???? We get a refund? Yes sirreee....we get a whopping $200 big 'ole bucks back.

So I did a little touchdown dance and filled out the form.


Brian ended up sleeping at a friends last night and Alex had a 9pm practice with his tournament team...yes that IS late, but they were able to get ahold of a nice gym for free at that time, so that guy that I like so much and I went out to dinner.

He had a craving for Maggiano's, so off we went...and if you like Maggiano's, they are having a great deal right now. You order a 1/2 portion pasta, which is still huge, and you get another 1/2 portion all boxed up to take home for tomorrow...for $12.95.

I brought home baked ziti for Alex to have as a late night snack...but first I had just a few bites of lasagne.

This morning I am off to the chiropractor, with hopes that I'll be able to turn my neck left soon, and then to the school district office to re-enroll Alex. Somehow they lost our residence verification so they un-enrolled him and sent me a nasty letter. Alex is thrilled, thinking he doesn't have to go to school this year, but I, being a mean parent, am going to ruin it all.


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