Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Is Here

I was home alone the other night, so I made some cannoli.

I don't even like cannoli, but I've got a family that does...and I like my family.


I tried a new recipe and it was OK. Definitely edible, but not a keeper.

School has ended and so did my cell phone. Sadly. I'm moving up in the world and got something a little more fancy schmancy...only because it was free.

But, and this is a big BUT, Brian is now part of the cell phone community.


Tackle football AND a cell phone.

Pretty sure we lost our brains somewhere along the way, but whatever.

Saturday evening was somewhat warm and for the 5th year in a row, M and I were sitting at this same drum and bugle corps show watching Matthew perform.

Never. Say. Never.
A spot opened up and what can you do, except not tell his trumpet teacher because he is marching mellophone....and it's a different somethin' or other.


I dunno, but it's different.

And secretly, OK not so secretly, we are so happy for him. I think this is exactly what he needed to do this summer.

Sunday was church and during his sermon, our Pastor asked us to turn to the person next to us and share our testimony...which absolutely rocked. And I realized, while M shares his faith story quite often with his students and I share my mine quite often with my friends and at my various bible study's...that it is not something we have shared with our boys.


And yes, we talk about Jesus in our home and we pray with our kids daily, but I am not sure I had ever told them my testimony before.

Eye opening.

It made for some great car talk on the way home.


Lunched at Subway, which was actually quite icky. But that's OK.

Came home, some napped, others watched An American in Paris, and then M pulled out a bottle of special wine...
...and I cooked the ultimate man meal.

It was Father's Day, you know.
We ate outside and then decided on a late movie...The Proposal, so left the boys and, I am embarrassed to say, ate popcorn AFTER eating the man meal.

With butter on it.

Not good.

Not good at all.


Today was a housecleaning day for me...I love when the floors are shiny, which never lasts long. Matthew is at an all day rehearsal, Alex started basketball (and is SO happy!) and now has friends over...they're going to the pool in a bit, and Brian is somewhere around the 'hood with his tribe of friends. That guy that I like so much worked a chunk of today and has to go back tomorrow, too...not much of a summer for him.


Supper tonight is going to be a simple risotto with whatever veggies I can find and a huge salad on the side. Pretty much my favorite, the Bachelorette is on, too.

Gotta love the day after a man meal.



  1. Ah...the memories of marching band and color guard! It's been a little over a year (Liz did color guard her freshman year at Bradley), but the bright pink flag still sits in the corner of Liz's room. It's great Matthew can still do this for another summer. Next summer is Liz's last before she time flies!

  2. Yeah I bet there is nothing better than marching around a field in the hot sun while wearing a hot uniform and carrying an instrument!

    Where do I sign up?


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