Friday, June 12, 2009


The hottest item lately...believe. I need to make one for myself!


I cannot find Brian's or Matthew's birth certificates and I need both of them by tomorrow morning. I had them a short time ago when renewing their passports, along with Alex's...but the only ones in the box are Alex's, mine and M's.


SO...up into the attic I climb, even though they shouldn't be in the upstairs files. But maybe oh maybe I will come across extra copies? You never know...

As I was digging through a box while sitting in my toddler rocking chair (not an easy fit, mind you) I accidently knocked over a box that contained some of my dads things.

It's been 4 years now since he has died and I still haven't gone through my mind, I picture myself sitting on the floor in my pj's, watching Top Gun while the cool night breeze blows in through the open window as I sort through his 'last effects'.

I'm funny that way.

Anyway, the box dumped. I grumbled.

And as I scooped everything up, there was an envelope. With my name scribbled on it.


And it was sealed. what are the chances of THAT happening? I actually looked around and said out loud, 'you have GOT to be kidding!'

And then...

Decisions, Decisions.

Sit up in the attic with the termites, abandon the search for the AWOL birth certificates and open the letter?

OR, finish what I had high and low for the birth certificates that probably aren't even up there and THEN read the letter.

Yeah, right.

I chose to stay wedged in my childhood rocking chair in the middle of my big attic with all the termites plus my two cats and read the letter.

My letter.

Written for me. About me.

A letter that I would never have found if I hadn't misplaced the still (as of now) missing birth certificates. A beautiful letter that my heart was not ready for until now.

I never did find the birth certificates and had to order duplicates online, which by the way, is not an easy task. But I did find something incredibly touching and moving that I needed to find.


Tonight is a Nick's night. A celebration of sorts for making it through the school year, which we have 4 more days left of...and a farewell to meals for 5 as Matthew rejoins his drum and bugle corps family. He does have a whopping 3 days off this whole summer, though not consecutively of course, until he gets home from his 10,000 mile jaunt around the country on a bus...and will then be home for a full 2 weeks before moving back into his dorm.

It is also a celebration of the fact that Alex has been cleared to play, although he is struggling a bit with some self doubt...which I think is VERY understandable. Will the knee hold? Will he earn that starting spot back?

Lots of questions running through his mind and he could use some prayers...

And also, a celebration for Brian. In an extremely crazy move on the part of his parents, he has (after months of begging) been signed up for tackle football. Yep, you read that right. Full contact tackle football...the one sport I swore my sons would never play.

But Brian, our future attorney, wore us down and the million dollar check was fact, does anyone want to buy a raffle ticket? We had to purchase 100 of them (!!!!!!) to sell. Or keep. Yowza...we are not in Kansas anymore!

And finally, a celebration a few weeks early (but remember...all my children will not be together all summer) of our anniversary. I'll write more on that later, but I can always find something to celebrate!

So off to Nick's we shall go...



  1. Let the summer celebrations begin! I had my last day of school today, and I get 8 weeks off (except for the days I need to go in to settle into my new classroom, get curriculum materials ready, etc.). Kate also left for camp today, so Mike and I will empty nesters for much of the summer. Tonight and tomorrow I am blissfully alone while Mike is making the trek to northern Wisconsin and back again. I am now going to pop a chick flick into the DVD player and settle down for the evening!

  2. Unlike Matthew, my girls get three consecutive days off this summer. However, that includes driving to and from the north woods of Wisconsin. Liz wants to take her nontravel day to travel and drive some of her stuff to Peoria. She is living in a house next year, so she has to furnish her bedroom. Kate has grand plans too...senior yearbook pictures (which can only be taken during the summer) and tickets to a sold-out Jonas Brothers concert. I wonder where there will be more screaming...the Jonas Brothers concert or the Miley Cyrus concert she is going to in October? Some day she will be able to share her concert experiences with her own children or younger coworkers...much as another teacher and I were reminiscing about our high school concerts (Styx, Bee Gees on their Saturday Night Fever I showing my age?). And of course I had to tell her about your Journey concert adventure : )

  3. Personal I believe Styx and Journey beat Jonas and Miley any day. In 20 years people will still be listening to Styx and Journey and Jonas and Miley will be only vague memories.

    Sort of like the Jackson Five -- that of course was back when Micheal was still an African American!


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