Monday, June 8, 2009

Fresh Fish

One of my very fondest memories is of a béchamel lasagna that I ate in Rome. does come after many other happy my wedding and the births of my sons.

Except lately my sons have been driving me crazy, so maybe I will push the lasagna up a notch.  At least for today.

Anyway, after much trial and error...a mostly cheese-less lasagna was born.


This is the boys final full week of school, with their last day of school being next Thursday.  We still have a concert, a classroom party, a grade pool party and a baby shower for one of the 5th grade teachers.

So today Michael and I (once again) left town.


When we 1st moved here almost 14 years ago, we were sandwiched in between 4 air bases...all but one are now closed.  The one closest to our house has been turned into my new Costco, among a bunch of other stores, but the blimp hanger is still there.

We started there (for gas.  At Costco.  Which still cost us $2.93/gallon.  yikes.) and headed south on PCH...that's Pacific Coast highway for you non-California-ites.  
We were going to go to Laguna Beach, but decided to keep on driving.  the top was down, the sun was shining, the ocean breeze was...breezy.
My stomach was growling at Dana Point, so we stopped along the water for lunch.
Probably the bestest ever fish and chips.  Ever.
Not sure we liked it.

The view was amazing and there were lots and lots of boats for sale.  Anyone want one?  
Hopped back in the car and drove the 20 minutes home...just in time for Brian to call and say he was going to a friends house afterschool.
Took Alex to the orthopedist (cleared for play, with a brace...hooray!). finished the laundry and watched that guy that I like so much cook an amazing supper...and then clean it up.

And tonight is the is good.



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  1. I always look at your pictures and think how lovely it would be to live where you do : )

    I am anxiously waiting for summer weather here...although I don't mind if it holds off until this weekend, when my summer break officially begins! It's easier to be inside for teacher meetings when the weather is yucky outside.


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