Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kinda Sorta Back

Still here...just no time to sit and write.

But I will, soon.  

In the meantime, a quick low down of the goings on:

  • My house is a wreck.  It's the end of the school year and I am, for what I hope to be anyway, room parent for the LAST time.  Even though Brian has one more year left in elementary, I do think it is time for me to retire.  I am sure there is a young, energetic mom just waiting to over plan the next holiday party while I am home eating bon bon's in my fuzzy slippers.  Yep.
  • I now have 3 sons who are all on different sleeping schedules sleeping at odd times under my cute little roof.  The best part is that they do not respond to either light or noise, so it doesn't bug me when they sleep.
  • I am supposed to have a relaxed husband under my roof, too...but alas, that is not the case.  He is working alot and in much need of some smooth sailing...choppy waters make him grumpy, and I am finding that even a martini and Frank Sinatra aren't helping.  That's when I know things are rough.  Poor guy...I might need to plan a little get-away for two.  Soon.  
  • The cats are bringing birds and now dragon flies in on a daily basis.  I've gotten to the point where the broom is always within arms reach, which means I look like a crazy woman walking around my own house.  But then again, I am a crazy woman in my house.
  • I am loving my new little business and I am loving it even more now that I have hired someone to handle the packaging and shipping.  Who knew graduations were such big events?  I should have...and it's been busy!  No complaints...I am thankful!
  • We've had company, my in laws, here this week...which meant a visit to the Beachcomber for lunch.  Life is good.
  • I found (and hired) a retired electrician who confirmed what the million dollar electrician had told me...that my house is not going to blow up, but did fix the few minor things and the light inside my pantry--for a fraction of the price.  A price I could actually often does that happen?
  • Alex's physical therapy schedule is doing me in.  Especially the 6:15am appointments.  15 year olds are not very pleasant early in the morning.  Then again, neither are 39 year old mothers...even mothers who might be a little older.  Or so I've been told.
  • I have been craving real lasagna...or real manicotti.  I mean, I am dreaming of manicotti...specifically, my Aunt Joyce's manicotti.  I love when people I love are pregnant and I get all the cravings.  It's just my way of helping.
  • I am addicted to the game FarmTown on Facebook.  If you are a facebooker, please find me and ask to see my farm.  I have a serious case of OCD.
  • My garden is incredible.  I think so and the bunnies think so.  I am this close to buying a bb gun.  This close.  And no, I will not really do that, but I do wave my shovel around alot and yell things I probably shouldn't yell.  In German.

Pictures to come soon...I have a camera full of them.  Bet you can't wait.



  1. I've missed your blogging : )
    I've occasionally thought about blogging, but I think I'll just stick with Facebook. If I have an urge to write, I can put it in a note there.

    I know about end-of-year craziness from the teacher end of doing report cards, packing up the room, and then a week of inservices about curriculum and stuff for next year. We LOVE our room mothers and volunteers!

    I have to pack up my entire classroom into two sections. One part will move to the new first grade classroom with the new first grade teacher, and the other part (all 30-40 boxes of my stuff) will move with me to kindergarten. I'm figuring that will eat up a good couple weeks of summer vacation...but I'm grateful for a job and almost two months off (minus a couple weeks for moving rooms and prep work).

  2. The sleep schedule and sleeping through anything sounds like Elizabeth and I. Cheryl would love for me to have a normal -- non bipolar -- sleep pattern.

    Sctoch and Linda Ronstadt usually does it for me. Of course a Latte and an oatmeal raisin cookie works just as well!

    When is the last time you saw 39? :-p


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