Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Little Supper

The edits are done on the website and I am so thankful to those that have worked so hard on it.

You are a blessing.


I spent the latter part of the week making a last minute order for 20 of these...the director of a local VBS program ordered them for all the teachers and aides.

And yes, this one is mine...I screwed up the flower.

Thursday evening we had our first official summer (since June 21st!) supper in the backyard with a rather sweet and silly trio of women...
...who somehow talked me well into the evening and after a bit of bubbly, to show them our wedding pictures.

The 80's pictures.
The estrogen, for ONCE in my little house on my little street, outweighed the least until these hungry people crashed our party.

But it's OK...I like them.
And the first part of the evening ended with a little dancing...cuz there is nothing like dancing to Frank Sinatra under the stars.
So thank you ladies....come back soon! Girl power!



  1. I don't know...I think my pictures from the 70s are even worse than the 80s. I had NO sense of style in high school and wore WAY too much cheap polyster. Fortunately things have changed for the better...although my girls get nervous if I veer outside their acceptable "mom/teacher" style of a cardigan twin set worn with dress slacks. I do have to admit that I have an awful lot of twin sets...very practical for our ever changing weather : )

  2. Wow, they must have a big budget for VBS! Hey, an idea for "mistakes" or not quite perfect pieces ~ have a category for those and sell them as you have them for a discount.

  3. Cheryl, gotta love cami's and cardi' uniform of choice! =0)

    Laura, that's a good idea. Most of my big mistakes are sold as scrap, though I keep some as practice and if they aren't too bad, I wear them. I like them even if they aren't perfect!

  4. Oh don't worry... I'm coming back! :)


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