Friday, June 19, 2009


Dear Michele,

This is a letter to remind you that it will all be OK, because sometimes you just need a reminder of that.

It is OK to not like technology. It really is. I am sure I will like my new cell phone soon...I just don't right now, but at least it doesn't shut off every time I receive a text message. But why oh why does it have to have so many new buttons on it?

It is OK to (GASP) be tad bit upset at the cats for knocking over the pitcher full of water and flowers that was on the table last night. It is just a little sad to realize that they might not be perfect, but I will never admit that to that guy that I like so much.

It is OK to lose things, like birth certificates, because sometimes you'll find something just as valuable in the search. Like the missing memory card from our last Italy trip. And it is OK to dream of this spot, around the corner from the La Fenice Opera House in Venice, and hope to go back soon. Very, very soon.

It is OK to have a messy house while there are 5 people living here for the summer. I have always wanted a houseful...and I am thankful for it. I just wish the houseful could figure out how to pick up their stuff. Someday they will have wives who will moan and groan that I didn't teach them to pick up after themselves and I will just smile and bite a hole through my tongue...and then secretly dance about knowing that it is now their problem to deal with.

And it is OK to feel just a little bit of joy over that.

It is also OK to have funky tan lines in June. Not in July, but in June.

It is OK to play funky music in the backyard and to dance around while drinking Sangria and playing badminton. Summer is here.

It is OK to still use the word funky. Because I said it is.

It is OK to drive a really dirty car just because I feel like it. I mean, REALLY dirty. Like off road driving kind of dirty.

It is all OK.


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