Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Winding Down

The long, lazy days of summer are winding down, but the neighborhood kids are holding on to every last minute of playtime.

Yesterday, they broke out the mother of all nerf guns.


Our house is finished.  Completely finished.  Now I can tend to my poor garden...Brian helped pick carrots while I picked roughly 10 lbs of tomatoes.

No joke.
Mmmmm.  Supper tonight is my version of stuffed peppers with homemade roasted tomato marinara...all from my garden, with a side of sausage for my carnivores...not from my garden.

Brian starts soccer practice tonight, followed by a training session for Alex, so it'll be awhile before I finally get home.  It's starting...all the driving.

I don't mind...GREAT conversations happen in the car.

'Hey, Mom...what's for dinner?'
'Hey, Mom...where's my gatorade?'
'Hey, Mom...did you wash my jersey?'
'Hey, Mom...I need $10.00.'
'Hey, Mom...can you drive faster?'

OK...so that last question is never asked.


1 comment:

  1. Cool Nerf gun! Do they play Nerf dart tag?


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