Sunday, August 3, 2008


Some of yesterdays peaches became a peach crostata.  I have to feels so good to be able to cook in my kitchen again!
Figs, honey and a hunk of goat cheese.  Life cannot get any better...especially when you toss in a phone call from Matthew.  I sure do miss him and am so thankful for cell phones...I cannot imagine what our families went through while we were touring years ago.  He's in Rome, New York for, I think, the next 2 days.
Today, church.  After, we drove right by In n Out for this place.  Sometimes, you just have to step outside of the box and experience a hole in the wall that probably didn't get a very great grade on the cleanliness chart.
The kind of place where you can get everything from a hand dipped corn dog to a steak.
Or an old fashioned tuna melt, with a side of pickles.  The floor may have been a bit sticky and the bathroom compared to my boys bathroom, but the food was so yummy!
So yes, we will come back again.  And again.  And again.
Home to the finishing electrical work and a toilet in the hallway.  Ceilings start tomorrow, so if you want company this week, please call and we'll be right over.  

Supper tonight will be balsamic chicken, roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus.  No kitchen...for the next 3 days.  Again.  We're getting close...very, very close!



  1. You can come by us...if you have your own charter jet to take you across the country. We have an empty nest for one last week. We can offer you room and board and two evenings at Ravinia this week. Itzak Perlman is playing a violin concerto with the Chicago Symphony on Tuesday night, and he is conducting the Chicago Symphony (Beethoven's Fifth) on Wednesday night. We'll have a picnic under the stars, probably dining on Potbelly chicken salad salads or Panera strawberry poppyseed chicken salads. Alas, the peaceful summer comes to an end on Saturday...but we may still be able work in one more trip to Ravinia on Labor Day to hear the Chicago Symphony play the 1812 Overture using live cannons.

  2. Lack of cell phones equaled no children calling up and whining at you any time of the day or night that they see fit!

  3. You can come by us. You can fight for the food with the kids. They have resorted to putting names on packages of food - claiming I don't buy enough. Next, they'll want their own fridges in their bedrooms!


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