Saturday, August 9, 2008


Kathy came for a visit...and this time was able to turn off her car and come inside for awhile.


It was exactly the kind of visit we needed...lots and lots and lots of laughing!

She was impressed by our new decor...though I thought she was going to fall out of her chair when M told the boys that they were NOT to use it.

Cuz they just might, you know.

Matthew had lunch at White Castle and I'm a little jealous. Nothing like a greasy slider! Plus, he was there in person when Phantom Regiment (my favorite drum corps) won the title tonight. Very cool. He's on his way to O'hare right now, where he'll find a quiet corner to sleep until his flight in the morning.

This mama is ready for ALL her boys to be home!!


  1. The new "bathroom" looks wonderful! So bright, and airy! Are you going to keep it there for a conversation piece?

    Matthew can keep the White Castle- too many onions - yuck. He should have done some pizza. There's lots of good pizza places here.

  2. I could see using it, after all men view the world as their urinal!


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