Thursday, August 21, 2008


Thursday, Thursday, Thursday.

Last night we had a few students over and they taught me lots about Facebook.  I guess I had a bunch of unread messages...who would've ever known?


Among other things, we ate tomatoes from the garden.  

This morning, Brian and I did Meals on Wheels while those teeny bopper boys slept.  And, by the way, are still sleeping.

It's like 1:30pm.

I'm letting them...Matthew's new life begins on Saturday;  Alex's on Wednesday.  Sleep away, boys.

Anyway, Brian and I stopped by BJ's and picked up a pizza for Josephine, who had fallen this morning and really banged herself up.  Poor thing.  I asked her if she needed anything and she asked for a Chicago pizza cuz you can move a Chicago gal to California and she'll do just fine, but she'll miss pizza like crazy.

Her words, not mine.


So pizza it was.

Came home and found this bugger.  Simple Green works wonders.
Matthew and I are supposed to be shopping, but he is not budging.  Alex is going to a movie soon...he also has a training session and then it's the last teen splash night at our pool for the summer.  Michael is on faculty retreat and Brian is having a friend come over to play.

Summer is coming to an end.

We had ordered new windows and just got a call that the company is in financial trouble.  We used a big name company that bunches of our neighbors have used...a company that has been around forever and a day,  so I wasn't at all worried.  The windows are done being made but they need the rest of their money in order to get the windows from the manufacturer...and then they'll come to install.

So I asked the guy how I could guarantee that they'll even deliver and install them, since they won't be using my money as an incentive?

Because I am such a nice person, he tells me.  And I can trust him.

I am nice, but deliver my windows, install them properly and I will pay you the balance.  Thankyouverymuch.  

Option #2 is that I'll pay him the balance and he can sign over the pink slip to his car to me, which I will then hold onto until I have my windows...and then I'll sign it back to him.  It's OK, he can trust me.  Because I am nice.

Was it only 2 days ago that I was on the beach?

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