Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sunny Saturday

This whole Olympics is wreaking havoc on my sleep schedule...even though we DVR everything.  Last night I was up late watching Michael Phelps swim...who can fall asleep right after that?  And that one swimmer...Dara Torres (is that her name?)  That is one amazingly amazing woman.


Anyway, I woke up this morning to two cousins playing video games and singing 'Dani California' over and over and over.  My iPod keeps getting stuck on that song in my car, so they now know it by heart.  Sorry, Leslie.


I made chocolate chip and black raspberry/pecan a huge pot of coffee.

Saturday mornings are the best.
Hydrangeas from the backyard.
And yes, it continues to be fig season and I found them cheap!  We've been eating them everynight...I wait all year for figs!
My garden has been watered and I picked a ton, including lots and lots of green beans.  I love how quiet and still you need to be when looking for beans...I got my morning prayers done under the sun today.  


In a few I'm going to start roasting pans and pans of tomatoes for marinara this winter, plus I probably have close to 20 green and red peppers that I'll blacken over the fire, slice and douse with olive oil...those'll be for crostini later on.  Oh, and last week I did homemade sun-dried tomatoes (minus the the oven, but so yummy!) with fresh oregano...ate those with Greg and Joanna earlier this week and they went over so well that I'll make some more today.

Tonight we are going to their house, where my in-laws have been staying with their kids while they are off frolicking in my state of Colorado. 

And yes, I am jealous.  Very, very jealous.

There are a bunch of messages on my machine that are leading me to believe that summer is coming to an end, but I am choosing to ignore that for the next week or so.  



  1. You were up late? They are showing everything live, so the women's all around gymnastics didn't end until midnight our time. Tonight the swimming starts about 9pm our time. One more race to go for Phelps. Last night was REALLY close!

  2. The sport to watch? Women's sand volley ball!

  3. Hey, Xerxes, go join my dad in watching women's beach volleyball. You could enjoy it on the big 42" digital flat screen.

  4. Women's Sand Volley Ball is the ONLY reason to have a 42" HD TV!

  5. I too refuse to believe that summer is coming to an end. I go back to school on Wednesday for almost a week of inservices, and Kate and I both start classes on the 26th. I should be getting my classroom ready, but with only 2 days of summer break left, I'm going to put it off until I absolutely have to be there. (Did I ever tell you my classroom is decorated with frogs everywhere? FROG = Full Rely On God...the only way I can deal with some of these parents and kids!)


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