Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still More

This morning we walked out of our room in search of water.

Ocean water.
Across a little bridge...
...to the beach.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, smells like the beach in the morning.
Knowing we had to head back to real life, we drove to my new favorite place.  And yes, I have a lot of favorite places, but this one is near the top.

San Luis Obispo...home of the Splash Cafe'.
This place had the best coffee and the best pastry case...all made there.


They were hiring...I almost applied.

We decided to explore a bit...I must say, Monterey Street rocks.  Big time.
We found an olive oil shop that offered tastings.  M jumped right in...I watched.  I just couldn't do oils while still working on my morning coffee.

So, the guy working there took an immediate liking to my husband. 

And intense.

He wouldn't even acknowledge my presence.  At all.  It was just a tad bit annoying AND THEN he turned to me and suggested the Mediterranean way of life.

AKA diet.

Remind me to send him a Christmas card.


BUT, we bought some local oil anyway.  And I smiled nicely as we left while trying hard to not wish locusts onto his land.  


Driving home, we got talking about Laetitia and the amazing 1/2 barrels they had on sale. 

So we made a quick turn-off to look again.
Too cute to pass up even if we had the tiny car.

Sure made the car smell good.

We came home to a wee little one who isn't wee any longer, but he didn't feel very well.  Poor baby.  Got him all comfy and fed him a good dinner of scrambled egg sandwiches...just what the DR ordered.
Back home to a rather disgustingly dirty house which I love so much.  Sure wish I could pluck this little house from here and drop it into the middle of a vineyard...


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