Friday, August 1, 2008


We wanted to find an old door for our new pantry...I knew in my head what I wanted, but you know how that goes.  But I knew...oh yes, I knew.

We spent hours and hours in an antique salvage yard, searching through piles and piles of doors.

And then we found it.

It took some wheeling and dealing because it was priced at a million dollars, but the wheeling and dealing paid off.

It is actually a side window, built in a factory in France that stopped making windows and doors in 1910.  The guy who owns the place we bought it at found it stacked in the basement of a church in France and brought it back here, in the 90's, just so I could find it.


Dave worked his magic and made it into a door for us, framing it with the wood that came out of our house.  Cuz he knows I like stuff like that.


It is close to being finished.  It needs a coat of stain on top to match our cabinets, which I'll do this morning, and today it will be hung.  We are so is the hanging of the door, lighting, baseboards, mouldings and then much rejoicing.
A few days ago, we couldn't even walk out here.
M found his bbq again...anyone want an old light fixture?  Or a bucket of yellow paint?  How about an old door frame?
The ceiling people come on Monday, which means we will need to leave for 2 nights.  Any ideas?  I am so done spending money that I am thinking of sleeping in a tent in the backyard.


Enough about the silly house...Brian waiting to go to camp.  This camp with Jack.  The best part?  Going off the high dive at the end of the day.  
Alex had a training session last night, working out with the college guys and coming home happier than happy.  He had spent the entire day laying around yesterday, which had put him in the orneriest (is that a word?) of moods, so it was nice to see him smile and hear kind words escape from his lips.

I like that.


Matthew performed in Massachusetts last night and today is in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  It's laundry day, which means 160 people are cramming into one laundromat, trying to wash all their smelly workout clothes in a short, 4 hour span of time.

Tomorrow is a BIG show there; they then head up, over, into (geography fart happening here) New York, where they'll perform on Sunday.  It's hard to keep up.

All I know is that today is August, and my boy comes home in August.  Not for another few weeks, but he comes in August.

I like that.



  1. Michele should be really happy today! I made her forget about the termites. I sent her a photo of someone who was VERY special to her when she was younger. Now you can all write to her and ask about the picture.

  2. I saw a door just like that at Builders Square, they had it on sale for $10.

  3. Hmmm... Geography fart. Isn't that called a volcano?


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