Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving On

Yesterday was hard...the whole driving off into the sunset and leaving the kid at college kind of hard.


We had the most amazingly amazing worship service yesterday morning.


Most of M's students were involved and it was so moving and touching and thoughtful and....wellllll...amazing.


Our best friend preached and as I sat there with my family intermingled with his family...with all these boys, I just wept.  Wept.  (Didn't help that M had tears streaming down his face, either....)


But not for the 'oh my, I can't do this.'  This time it was for the overwhelming gratitude that I have for God...that He gave me this child in the 1st place.  Wow.

What a blast it's been.


18 summers.

6 spent in Colorado.  3 spent in foreign countries. 4 spent touring the United States in drum corps and 5 spent here, in our little house.

What. A. Blast.


We worshipped, we ate, we said goodbye.  And all is well.  And last night, Matthew scored a great bookcase in the huge annual scavenger hunt...and texted me all about it.

Praise God for text messaging.  


Lunch yesterday.
Matthew's dorm.
My boys.
Unpacked and settled in.
In case you need Him...

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  1. I think that when blogs start to be recognized in an award's ceremony, this post gets a gold medal in my book. Seriously, it's one of the best things I've read in a while. I'm so proud to be associated with the fam. :)


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