Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Day...I hope!

No sleep and a house under construction.


The carpet guys stapled through my cable modem wire, so I am stealing my neighbors unsecured internet.  Thanks, Frank...I won't be long.  And you really should put a password on your account.  But not 'til tomorrow, please.


So, after negotiating the piano moving (successful) and the toilet replacing (unsuccessful) and the grocery shopping trip (successful) and the internet loss (cable is on their way), I am just done.

I even cried with the tile guy, but he wouldn't budge.  Oh well.  

Alex is cracking me up.  He moved from his bed to the couch and is still sleeping, while jack hammers and saws and loud talking are happening all around him, not to mention our hard wired smoke alarm that is going off every 2 minutes because of the dust.

Sound asleep.

I love teenagers.


Brian is at the end of the street at the lagoon with Harrison.  He is having the best summer just playing and playing and playing. 

Matthew competes in semi-finals tonight and it's for sure that they won't make finals, so he'll have tomorrow off and will get to watch the show.  He's decided to move to a different corps next year...he had wanted to change this year but chose to go to Europe instead, so everything is a bit bittersweet.  A lot can happen in a year, but he truly is a drum corps kid.  After the show tomorrow night they drive to Chicago, sleep a little in the airport and then he is on one of 3 flights home...arriving in Long Beach on Sunday morning.

Anyway, we'll be able to watch his performance live online, in between the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  I'm going to make a huge pot of chicken cacciatore so I can start stocking my freezer with meals again.  

I have to wait and see if they get the washing machine out of the kitchen in time, though.

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  1. He's going to continue doing this in College... does the girl friend know this?


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