Saturday, August 23, 2008

Move In

Last night, Matthew began packing at 9:30pm and was done by 9:45pm.


Woke up this morning, loaded up the cars, dropped off brothers, and headed for college!

Checked in and ready to go!
Matthew and Zachary have been friends forever.  Forever.  
Just dads for today...nothing more!

The parents attended a helicopter parenting seminar taught by a good friend of ours.  

Loved this!
We got Matthew moved in and unpacked...his huge (really!) closet has 2 sweatshirts hanging in it plus 3 pairs of shoes.  Not sure what his plan is clothing wise, but I am sure he'll figure it out.


The day was fun...full of lectures and receptions and unpacking and meals.  

After dinner, the boys were off.  We'll be back tomorrow for church, lunch and the opening service...remind to take some pictures of his room!
Came home and had a party...with margaritas, of course!  
Everyone just left and Brian has been tucked in.  M and Alex are staying up to watch the gold medal basketball starts at 11:30pm.  


I am sipping a hot tea and am going to curl up and watch a movie.  I am tired...



  1. Just think, he can find dad on campus, and ask for money any day of the week!

  2. And they ALWAYS seem to need money for something they don't think they should have to pay for...$60 for a concert band dress...$40 for a color guard flag...a black dress for sorority pumps to go with the black dress...nursing scrubs...laundry...I'm sure Matthew will come up with his own list! Oh wait...he can drop his laundry off for the "laundry fairy". My girls still hope the laundry fairy will magically make all their laundry clean in no time. So you'll be seeing him at least every week or two for laundry and food ;)


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