Saturday, August 2, 2008


Just some random stuff.  

The new light and the new hole and the old termites.

Chocolate chip pancakes this morning.  Brian was helping me and sneezed on this whole batch.

Gotta love 9 yr olds.  I think he had it planned so he could eat them all.

Tomatoes from the garden.  
Maggie's new favorite spot.
Lettuce wraps from Cheesecake Factory.  Nuthin' better.
A smile after mom gave him a really cool haircut.
The deal is that he can keep it until Grandpa comes...and then Grandpa gets to shave it off of him.
Figs, people, figs.  FIGS.

See me smiling?

Fresh peaches, from my neighbor Gwen.  We've been taking turns leaning over the kitchen sink while peach juice runs down our chins.

I love summer.
Ahhh...two broken martini glasses from the freezer.  Apparently, they were blocking the popsicle box and the popsicle box won.

Pretty exciting, eh?

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