Monday, July 28, 2014

Things I'm Loving

I've been in a rather grumpy place lately...a combination of feeling overwhelmed and unorganized and maybe even a little jealous (of situations, not things, believe it or not) have caused me to be a bit of a 'Pig Won't'.  Did you ever read that Richard Scarry book to your kids?  I've always loved his books...especially the big purple cars and trucks one.

So today I decided to become a 'Pig Will' again.  I woke up and had some quiet time.  Met a girlfriend for a long, hard hike.  Cleaned my bedroom.  Caught up on laundry...and made $50 doing it.  

Oh, how I love when people forget to empty their pockets.


So here is my happy list for the day:

1. My big garden.  It's actually not the best garden I've had, but every other day this is what I'm coming home with.  Those black russian heirloom tomatoes?  They make the best BLT's.

2. My baby.  He is just...well, he's a love.  Seriously, he was born with the sweetest of personalities and it has yet to fade away.  His 16th birthday is looming and my heart is aching just a bit...these mothering years are so much a part of who I am, but I am loving every single day that I still get to be hands on.

3. Mornings with that guy that I like so much.  It's been a good summer.  Lots of big trips and little trips and no trips...but the best part has been the mornings.  Driving here and there and everywhere but first?  Coffee in our favorite mugs.

4. The little garden.  The grapes this year are sweet, as are the figs.  

5. Florida.  Oh, how I loved it there.  It just felt tropical and the people were so nice and that warm water.  BUT...I love my coast more because, well, it's home.  

6. Team Wersch.  A blending of our best friends from college and our last name...they have 3 girls all about my boys ages and they love each other so much.  It's 2nd generation best friends.  I had hoped for a marriage but they are more like cousins...but there is still a slim chance it could happen if the babies cooperate.  Right now they aren't.


7. Grilled veggies.  Throw in grilled meat and pizza and anything else you can think of.  I'm not ready for it to end.  Yet.  But doesn't a pot roast sound good, too?

8.  My bigs.  Life is just more fun when they are all 3 together.  Most of the time.  Something always ends up broken and the volume level is deafening but I sure do like them.  A lot.  But seriously...will they ever out grow the touching each other thing?  They are both in their 20's for goodness sake.  

Stop. Touching. Each. Other.

If only I had a dollar for every time I said that under my breath while smiling because we were in public????

9. The babe is driving.  He's actually a really good driver...and he'll be the first to tell you so.


While I love my role as the mom who drives...the whole idea of him being able to drive himself to school at 5:30am is currently outweighing the negatives.

Well, I'm off to the gym.  Time to get back to the grind.  Supper tonight?  Still not sure.  I've got a fridge full of food...leaning towards a simple pasta with sausage and broccoli.  The heat followed us home from Florida so the AC is on and a light supper sounds pretty good.  


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