Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Busyness

I was called back into work last week for a project...only a few hours a day for right now with it slowly gaining speed until the end of my summer, which is sometime around the first of August.  My plan so far has been successful...get Brian dropped off for summer school, work while he is gone and then pick him up and let summer vacation resume.

So far so good.

Here's what's been happening in our little house on our little street.  First up...BuddyTheDog.  I'll be honest, I was a bit worried when we got him.  He was so sad and scared and's been almost 6 months now and he has become so...normal.  

Hence the child lock on our trash can.


But seriously...those ears.  Sigh.

Garden parties continue to happen and whew...we've had more than a few.  We do it easy...ask everyone to bring the wine and then make BIG platters of food to set out.   I am not ready to close up shop quite yet...this little garden of ours is my true happy place.

(grilled zucchini salad)

I've been feeling restless lately.  I had all these grand plans of things to accomplish over the last month or so...things like clean out my closet and paint the house and make big batches of jam for the freezer and work on a new to me bible study.

I've done none of it.

I have had coffee in the quiet of the garden with that guy that I like so much every morning.  I've returned to my hiking trail for long trail runs...though run is a relative word in my case.  Jog? Trot? Limp?  I've walked my dog, hung with my boys, spent time with friends.

It's all good...and I need to remember that rather than worry about the things that have gone undone.

(tuscan chicken grilled under bricks)

This stage in life...well, it's an interesting stage to be in.  We're on the cusp of something new and exciting and a little bit sad...this cusp of where 2/3 of our houseful of boys have entered adulthood (and all the financial things that go along with that) and the remaining 1/3 is going to be a junior in high school.  We have this new found sense of freedom...freedom that will become even greater once the babe gets his drivers license in the next few months.  

It's...strange.  And different.  And, I'll
(grilled artichokes...I could live on these!)

We married young and had our first babe young.  The rest of the babes were spread out, so we've been knee deep in this hands on parenting gig for quite a few years.

In fact, this will be our 11th consecutive year at our local high school.  And we've got a few years to go.  I feel like they should erect a statue of us sitting in bleachers as a memento.

It's all fun and I wouldn't trade fact, just the opposite.  It's just that I see the tide changing and...well, I like it.  I love seeing these boys become their own men.  I like the girls my bigs are dating.  I like the paths that they're choosing.  I struggle with some things, their faith strong enough?  Will they go to church on their own without a text or reminder from me?  Will they be a strong spiritual head of their families?

These are things I can't do for them.  I can't decide for them.  I can't make them.  

I can; however, pray unceasingly for them.  And continue to nag just a bit.

So far?  It's working.  Mom guilt for the least right now.

(Matthew's daily schedule...definitely not easy!)

My garden is finally getting with the program and I have to say, I had the BEST sandwich ever the other day...bacon, lettuce and a still warm from the garden tomato all piled high on white bread and slathered with mayo and salt.


 Sunday...two basketball games, drive-thru church, world cup finals, a concert on the green and a picnic supper.

Packed full yet super fun.  

By nightfall I was in my pj's watching House of Cards and oh my, oh my, oh my.

Loving that show.

So here's to a new week.  It's a bit gloomy here this morning...June gloom has spread to July, but the joy of the warm sun is so very, very close.  By noon I'm hoping to be napping at the pool because summertime naps are simply the best.



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