Thursday, July 10, 2014


Summer had a bit of a blip in this week...a blip that involved a call from work to help with start up for a new out of state program.  I simply took my laptop outside into the garden, plopped myself down and did what needed to be done.

Summer?  It's back today.


I had all these grand organizational projects planned...things like my kitchen cupboards and pantry and my bedroom closet but as of yet, none of it has been done.

What I really want to happen?  Someone to come over and take everything out of my cabinets and put it all back away neatly while I sit and watch and sip iced tea and tell funny stories.

Any takers?


Instead, we've spent a lot of time in the garden.  It truly is such a happy little space...lots of twinkly lights and pretty flowers and trees, but what makes it so special are the people that continue to fill it.

I guess the organizational stuff can wait...but it would still be nice to have it done.

Oh well.

It's an interesting stage of life that we are's almost like we are on a bridge.  Two of our three are adults now; no longer teens.  The baby?  He's 15 and on the brink of a bit more freedom...he'll be a junior this year and will hopefully be driving soon after he turns 16.

Poor Brian.  In our community you cannot go into a non-lifeguarded pool without an adult until you are 18, which means our pool up the street won't work with his card.  (We have 22 pools in our community, so he still has plenty to choose from.)  Brian won't turn 18 until he's already in college...old enough to go away to school but not old enough to swim without mom.

Curse of being a smart thing who started school early.

(fyi...he's a water baby.  the kid could swim pretty much before he could walk.) neighbor made baklava for a party and try as I might, I couldn't wait.


And then there was one.  The last of our wedding crystal because we were married in the day and age when people registered for the expensive stuff which they would then pack away and never use.

We married young and never got that memo, so we've been using our crystal the whole time...which means after 28 years we've had a few casualties.

11 to be exact.  As of last night we have one lonely one left.  

In dog news?  

He's more perfect than ever.

And in case you think I don't love my cats anymore, you're wrong.  They are still perfect, too.


Today's plans involve a long hike, a little more work, driving Brian to and fro, to and fro,  and then friends coming for a garden party.


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