Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The 4th Of July

There was a little of this:

(my dryer broke. sigh.)

And some of this:

(our very own grapes!)

A big 'ole this:

(annual block party.  fun!)

Some crying about this:

(neighborhood kids...all grown up!)

Many of these:

(s'mores.  probably one of my favorite things.)

A walk around this:

(love my neighborhood.  so pretty.)

An eviction of these:

(new ones delivered on July 5th.  similar look, different brand.)

 And not enough time with them:

(all together for one night.  happy mama!)

Brian's schedule is doing us in...summer school across town, learning to drive, football practice, basketball camp, basketball games AND a social life.  Fun times, but we are on the go A LOT.

Alex is working days again; comes home early and then his day really begins.  =0)

Matteo is on the road for the summer; Utah yesterday and Colorado tomorrow.  

That guy that I like so much and and I?  Lots of driving, lots of sitting, lots of time together.  Lots and lots of parties in our garden almost every single evening.  A little food, a little wine, a few friends and a lotta really great music.

Hello, July...I like you.


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