Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Foot

The call came at 2:20pm.

When the boy in the middle calls and says he's hurt, my 'mom radar' immediately goes into overdrive.  He doesn't ever admit to pain and when he does...well, it's often pretty bad.

 His foot most likely had a hairline fracture in it but today, while in a heavy work boot, he felt a pop.  It's a full on break, a Jones fracture, and we have a surgical consult tomorrow morning.  The doctor walked in after the x-ray and just shook her head and said, 'it's not good.'

He got a temp cast, has some pretty strong pain meds and is pretty much driving us all crazy. 


Tonight, I pulled out a full, unopened box of See's candy and let the boys dig in.  

It was needed.


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