Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let Me Tell You About My Day

This morning was just a no good, very bad morning.  It really was.  My phone rang at 6:00am and didn't stop for a long, long time, there was much drama in the world of crossing guards, I went to the hand car wash (in an attempt to save a few $$'s), used the big vacuum to suck up all the leaves in my car and accidentally sucked up the big pile of quarters that were in my cup holder,  and I broke three fingernails in one swoop.

And then my boss got irritated with me.  Again.  

So I ditched dodge and drove to Disneyland, monorailed it into the park, ordered a ginormous turkey leg, sat in the perfectly perfect shady spot and ate while reading a trashy novel.

Life was looking up.

After polishing off approximately 18 lbs of turkey, I wandered the park for a bit.  The weather was actually quite warm and in a moment of weakness, I bought myself an ice cream.

Me.  The girl who doesn't eat sugar.

I ate one bite and tossed it...but that one $4.25 bite?


Seriously, the sky is always this blue over Disneyland.  It's like Walt made a deal with all of So Cal that the smog will settle everywhere else but over the happiest place on earth...and all of So Cal listened.

Thanks, Walt.  


I came home and cooked...steak pizzioli.  It's basically just cheap round steak smothered in tomatoes and peppers and onions and cooked long and slow until that cheap piece of meat doesn't taste cheap anymore.  At all.

The problem?

The pot boileth over...all over my oven, which meant our little house on our little street smelled deliciously burnt.  

Thankfully it tasted just fine.

We then all face timed my brother in law, who was having a birthday today.  And how sad that this is the most we've seen them in the last few months and they live two towns over.  

Gotta fix that.

In honor of his birthday, and in honor of the fact that it's Wednesday, I baked him a cake, which promptly overflowed all over the our little house on our little street smelled deliciously of burning cake.


And when oh when was the last time you made a pineapple upside down cake?

For me, that was today.


Our neighborhood is always a party waiting to happen and just as I pulled this baby out of the oven, there was a knock on the door.

Good thing so I could send cake home with them, otherwise I would've eaten the whole entire thing.

Wait a minute.  I don't eat sugar.

Seems I keep forgetting today.

Yum to the tenth degree.  It was SO good.  No was mainly from a box and I just followed the directions.  I'm not normally a box kinda girl, but this might change my mind.


Happy, happy Wednesday.  Tomorrow I need to clean the oven, but first I need to finish my cake.


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