Monday, October 14, 2013

Long Weekend

That guy that I like so much had a 4-day weekend...a weekend he so very, very much needed before the long push to Christmas begins.  We pretty much hung out on Thursday but on Friday?  

We got out of dodge.  Or Irvine, if you will.

Our original plan was to head to the The Getty, an art museum in LA.  Not sure how the plans changed, but by the time I sat down and turned on the seat warmer in his cute little car, we were heading south for breakfast.

Not just any breakfast, but my most favorite breakfast place...Snooze.

Snooze is just freakin' awesome.  It started in Colorado by one of our former babysitters and it just plain old knocks your socks off.  

Even their coffee cups are perfect.  Big, heavy, YELLOW...and expensive.

Oh well.

They are only open for breakfast and they have the bestest pancakes EVER.  Seriously, the cinnamon roll pancake is amazing...and so is the carrot cake pancake.  Oh, and the pineapple upside down pancake?

Heaven, people.  Heaven.

We just ordered a bunch of stuff...corned beef/poblano hash and eggs benedicts.  One was on a bed of polenta, the other had arugula/balsamic.

I almost can't handle the reliving of it.  Why does it have to be so far away????

Our dream would be to spend a night down there but, well...we have a houseful of boys and our parenting gig, while winding down a bit, is still keeping us on our toes.  Somewhere in our contract it states that we still need to be responsible, somewhere between the clause that says 'do lots of laundry' and 'cook lots of food'.


So breakfast an hour away will have to do...and then a long drive back home along the coast.

We stopped and walked along the beach...turns out the state beaches are open and parking is free.  Took some time to pray for all those not getting paid right now because someone else, who isn't affected by this madness, made that decision for them.  The nice person who works the state beach?  Not allowed to work and not being paid.  The people fighting in Washington?  Getting paychecks.

Not saying anything everybody doesn't already know, but it makes me very, very mad.

Back to our weekend.  

Home to laundry, a little Autumnal decorating, a card game or two and a leftover puff pastry that I stuffed with a little ham and fresh parmesan, baked until golden brown and served with a cocktail.

Or two.

Supper was beef stroganoff, which I make with roasted short ribs.  On the side?  A pan full of brussel sprouts (is it brussels sprouts or brussel sprouts?  Hmmm...) tossed with olive oil and lots of salt and roasted until crispy.

The adults loved them as did one boy.  The remaining males weren't as impressed.

Our nephew, who looks like my younger two (and acts like them too) came for the weekend.  

Lots of testosterone around these parts.


In conclusion...a surprise 75th birthday party,  church,  and a real Chicago pizza.

Can't wait for lunch today.


Happy Monday, everyone.  I'm hanging with my favorite 15 year old today...he's off of school.  Lucky him...lucky me!


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