Friday, October 4, 2013

Awake At Night

I was sound asleep, dreaming a beautiful dream.  OK, forget the dream part...I was just sound asleep when Alex (who is 19) shook me awake.

Here's the thing about boy #2...he never does anything in a small way, so being woken up by him strikes nothing short of sheer terror.

Turns out he has an eye...and it's pink.  And gloppy. And swollen.  And when you have a pink, swollen, itchy, gloppy eye...even at 19, all you want is your mama.  

Job security.

The best part was when I took the warm wash cloth and gently wiped his eye, tucked him into his bed,  climbed back into my bed and promptly RUBBED MY EYES.  Apparently I'm an amateur in this mothering thing and forgot to wash my hands.

Fun times, I tell ya.  Fun times.

Work has been work this week and play has been play.  

Today involved a big work meeting, a few smaller work meetings, a visit to the accountant and happy hour with the girls where I ate a whole plate of nachos.  The chips were salty and the cheese was melty and the guac  They just tasted soooo good and I couldn't stop eating them.

So I didn't.  Tomorrow?  Salad, please.

And here is a 10 year throwback.  Oh, how life changes.  My couch was new then and I still had full control over clothing and hair choices...which obviously meant bangs.

Sorry boys.


Big concert weekend this weekend.  Our house needs to be decorated...we're hosting a party here on Saturday night.  I guess I should clean, though it's easier to dim the lights, pour some wine and put out a cheese plate...that combination tends to help people overlook a messy house.

Or one can hope.


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