Friday, October 11, 2013

Alrighty Then

A whole week went by...a whole week in the blinkety blink of an eye.  I've recovered from the crud, Alex's eye has recovered from a big, bad something or other, and my little house on my little street has recovered from termites.  Recovery is good.

Recovery means my sanity has begun to return.

 One of my favorite treats at this time of year (well...before I had sugar/thyroid issues) was the mix of salty peanuts and candy corn.  The combo is outrageously delicious...I made it for the boys to try and they refused.  Refused.  

Boys who don't eat junk food are just annoying.  Aren't all young people supposed to eat garbage?  

Don't pay any attention to them...just mix yourself up a batch of this and call me to thank me.


I had company while I wasn't feeling well.  I asked her to make me tea at one point and she ignored me...but she did bring me a rather dead bird.  I would have preferred tea, but oh well.

Rain hit SoCal for one whole day and with it a few rumblings of thunder.  Man, I love thunder.  I also love wearing a sweater and I had to break out the clogs, which I am sure are some sort of fashion faux pas but I just don't care.  They're comfy and don't require socks, which in my book is a win win situation.

That guy that I like so much has a 4 day weekend, which we kicked off in style.  I made a few pans of enchiladas, cilantro/lime rice and a big pot of pinto beans and we had our own little cinco de mayo on nueve de octobre.  

Basically, give me a date and we'll find a reason to celebrate.


Rainy day.  A full in box of work emails.  A fire in the fireplace. 

Bliss, minus the work emails.

The fire in the fireplace made them more bearable. First of the season and it smelled...dusty.  And then I remembered termite removal and realized that there was probably a whole lotta gunk in there which, I hope, has now burned away.

I have all my loves cities programmed in my phone weather app and I can just scroll through them during the day,  think a happy thought and say a little prayer for them.  It takes so little time but blesses me in such a big way.  


Happy Friday, my friends.  I'm ready for this weekend.  Very few plans...a basketball game, a party, church, lots of hanging out.  

Oh...and it's time to decorate for Fall.  


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