Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random Wednesday Stuff

I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Wednesday.  

It wasn't. 

But that's ok, because I was disappointed that I had missed church and now that I know that today really is Wednesday, I can still go because I didn't miss it after all.

Follow that?


I've been feeling a little disheveled this house, while clean, feels cluttered.  The laundry is piled up, the kitchen seems to always have stuff in the sink and then there's the boys bathroom.  Ick.  What is it about boys and bathrooms?  Do they not notice the lump of toothpaste in the sink?  

I'm thinking not.

I need a wife.  An organized one.

That guy that I like so much has been not just traveling but has been working every. single. night.  I miss him...we've gone from sabbatical where we were together 24/7 to him being crazy busy at work.  The great thing about professors?  Summer vacation.  The good thing about my job?  Summer vacation.  Our summers aren't big travels, just night after night spent in our beautiful garden.  

I can't stop thinking about it.


In boy news:

Brian is feeling better. 
Alex is huge.
Matthew is just a text message away.

How's that for an update?


Supper tonight, in celebration of there being people here to eat, will be a pork roast.  I'm leaning towards rubbing it with dijon mustard, garlic and rosemary and roasting it long and slow in the oven and serving it with mashed potatoes and some green veggie.  

Gotta make something that makes my houseful want to be home.  Some call it bribery...I call it brilliant.


The above pictures:
1. the best supper EVER.  Broccoli with lemon bread crumbs, butternut squash ravioli with cripsy sage and amaretti, and (not pictured) grilled pork chops with rosemary.  Still thinking about this meal. YUM.
2. Happy Hour.  A German beer in a family glass, salsa from my favorite neighbors and salty, salty chips.
3. Our lemon tree is exploding with lemons the size of grapefruits.
4. Sunday night cookie making with Brian and our neighbor.
5. Brian's famous cookies.  To die for. (not that I ate one, but they sure smelled good!)

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