Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Early Monday

Today involved a work day that began at the crack of dawn.  I'm sleepy....very, very sleepy.

So sleepy that I can't seem to to do much this evening except sit on my couch and veg in front of the TV.  That being said, I crammed a lot in to today so I'm not feeling all that guilty.

Let's see...I worked.  The carpets were cleaned.  I met a girlfriend for lunch.  I grocery shopped.  Hiked 3 1/2 rather fast miles with a girlfriend.  Cooked a mediocre supper.  (sausage, peas, and pasta in a creamy tomato sauce.  Sausage was too spicy.  And greasy.  And it just tasted kinda ick.  Oh well.)

Can't win them all.

And now?  Well...I am moments away from a hot and bubbly bath.  The Bachelor is on tonight and I plan on watching every juicy minute.


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