Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Missing Him

Breakfast with that guy that I like so much at one of our favorite little getaway places (Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa) was a last minute decision on both our parts...I shuffled some things around and he shuffled some things around and before we knew it, we had exactly 90 minutes to be together.

I crave in a big, big way their sausage gravy and biscuits.  It is unreal and every month or so I have to order's up there with one of the best things in the whole wide world.  What's not to's creamy and salty and fluffy and crispy and YUMMY.  

And not lo-cal.  But who cares?


I'm glad we snuck away for that morning because in the dark of this morning, I drove him to the was early and cold and foggy (so foggy that he sat on the runway for an hour before taking off) and quiet.


I miss him already.

Lots to keep me busy though.  There was a work meeting and then I spoke at a conference and then I hiked with a girlfriend.  Oh...and watched the 'Pope Cam' whenever I had a free moment.  This whole conclave has me missing Rome....oh, how I wish I was there.  

I'm anxious for white smoke to come out of that chimney.


This afternoon?  82 degrees.

Happy, happy, happy.

On my thankful list right now?  Technology.  Love that he's just a text message (and two time zones) away.  Love even more that he'll be back in less than a week.


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