Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Oldest Of The Bunch

The day I found out that we were going to have a baby, I kinda had a moment (or ten) of panic.  I was one of those women...the women who didn't know immediately that they were pregnant.  In fact, I thought I had the flu.  For months.  


When we finally did find out that we were expecting a bundle, we were less than a month away from moving to a far and away state.  We had quit our jobs (and lost our health insurance along with them) and had a plan.  A good plan.  It involved a doctorate degree, living on a shoestring and lots of fun playtime in the mountains.

The thing about plans is that they can always be changed.  And changed they did.  On a very cold and very snowy night, two became three and at the moment, I learned what true love was all about.  The degree still happened, as did the shoestring budget and the playtime in the mountains. was WAY more fun than it ever would've been had the two remained two and not become three.

The night he was born I held him all night long.  Who am I kidding...I held him until he was, like, 12.  But that first night, when it was just me and him, was perfect. one will ever love you like your mama.  


Happy Birthday, time you're home, I'll bake you a cake.


Joshua 1:9

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