Friday, February 15, 2013

A Valentine's Date

Let's see what random photos I have for you today.


On Valentine's morning, that guy that I like so much and I went for a coffee.  I think that's the one thing I miss the most about his Sabbatical being over is our little coffee dates we took over the course of the semester.  The kind where we'd actually go in, order a fun coffee and then drink it there.  In mugs. 

I like the mugs.

But yesterday, Valentine's Day, we got it to go.  Plain for him, fancied up (as in sugar free vanilla) for me.

I took this for Brian.  That boy loves him some Chipotle.  Big time.  I like it, too....but he could seriously eat it every day.  And I think he's right across from his school and is on his lunch time rotation, along with philly cheesesteaks and pizza.  The kid eats well!

Spring is, well, springing around here.  It's still too cold for my taste, but I did wear flip flops (instead of clogs) to the grocery store the other day.  My toes were numb, but I was feeling rebellious.  I can feel in my bones that sunny and fair is coming to my neck of the woods soon...and I am VERY excited.


Anyway, with coffees in hand, that guy that I like so much and I took to the trail and did my favorite loop.  It's so pretty...lots of birds singing this morning but not a snake (yet) in sight.  Maybe they'll stay away.

Fingers crossed.


We then went our own separate ways for the day but met up for dinner at one of our favorite places.  I had ordered pizza for the boys and put on a cute little was kinda fun to be on a real, live date.   Oh, and I got my box of candy from See' all is well in my little world.  And now it's 3:00am and I am wide awake...pretty sure that cappuccino wasn't decaf.

I'm thinking of Rome and googling airline prices.  Not happening anytime soon, but one can dream...especially in the middle of the night.  Let's see, I've also researched Rum Cake and how to make cats like each other...not that those things go together, but two things I'm longing for.  Oh, and how to repair a wall that has a full body sized hole in it.  

Welcome to my world.

(Bri's girlfriend made him this for Valentine's! CUTE!)

And now, eyes are getting sleepy, so I'm going to climb into my warm bed.  Lot's to do tomorrow...the men folk who live here have emptied the pantry of food and won't rest until it's restocked, so off to Costco I'll go.  I'm also going to make a pot of gravy (aka - spaghetti sauce) for the freezer and maybe, just maybe, some homemade pasta as well.  Oh, and a rum cake.  And banana bread.  And homemade bread.  

I'm pretty ambitious in the middle of the night.


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