Sunday, February 10, 2013

Catching Up

It continues to be anything but 'sunny and fair' in southern California.  I've got gloves in my purse, gloves in my car, gloves in my jacket pockets.  We had a teaser of warmth last week and it's once again disappeared...but I can see that it's coming again.  

I made carrot cake pancakes on Saturday morning.  Oh my.  So amazingly good.  The recipe made 14 pancakes which I would normally double for my houseful of boys, but I wasn't sure who would like them.  Turns out they did and there wasn't a crumb left...and the one boy who slept late woke to a sweet smelling house and had nothing to show for it.  Oops.

I spent a few mornings last week out and about for work in the early mornings.  I like the quietness of that time of day...especially if I have a coffee along for the ride.  The cold and rain has made for some interesting issues in the world of crossing guards...oh, the drama.  But that drama keeps me employed and I only deal with it for 4 hours a day.  

Saturday night was a glorious at home night.  I was in my PJ's by 4:00pm with supper in the oven...a simple baked pasta with sausage and eggplant.  A little vino rosso and some Downton Abbey and it was a rather perfect evening.  We needed an evening home more than I can even tell you and just that one night made me feel like I had had a vacation.

Early morning hikes (with my gloves on!) are soooo beautiful, though my girlfriend and I ended up slipping and sliding in the muck for the last 1/2 mile or so.  It was worth it...and to the rattlesnakes?  Stay away, please.  I like this trail too.

 Sunday lunch after church was at a new to us place called The Habit.  And it's about to become just that...a habit.  It's just burgers and fries...simple and really, really good.  We might just be back sooner rather than later.  Our bill was cheaper, thanks to the fact that one boy didn't get up in time for church.  I chose my battle today and didn't fight to wake him but told him after that he seems to make time for school and work and friends with no problem, but how about God?  

Guilt.  A mother's gift.  


And to my OLDER cousin Laura...Happy, Happy Birthday.  Thank you for breaking in those BIG numbers ahead of me. 


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