Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day Dreamin'

Where I want to be:

Where I am:

That guy that I like so much is traveling to faraway places (ok, so it's just Seattle this time around, but it's still far and away from our little house on our little street) and the house is rather quiet.  I am working like a crazy woman...in fact, I am ditching my bible study this morning in order to catch up.  Not the best thing, but I am sorting through 400 pages that were faxed to me last week and then scanning and emailing them to various people.  In between, I am drinking coffee with amaretto creamer and doing laundry and researching recipes for dorito casserole (oh, the things we eat while the daddy is out of town!)...basically, I am multi tasking up a storm.


I do like quiet, though.  Last night I soaked in a hot bath with loads of lavender scented bubbles and then climbed into bed with my iPad (I'm having fun playing Diner Dash...I'm pretty good!) and the remote.  The Bachelor is once again entertaining background TV and both my boys were actually tucked in to their rooms and in for the night.  One is always tucked in for the night and one is usually out and about at all hours...ahhh, to be young and not need very much sleep!

My plan for tonight is much the same, though I might go out on a limb and put jasmine bubbles in the tub.  Then there's that Dorito Casserole that I'll be making, per the request of one of my boys who loves all things doritos and cheesy.  The other boy, who happens to hate (and yes, the word hate is ok to use in this instance), all things doritos and cheesy...so he'll be feasting on cereal.  With milk.  

What can I say.  Dad's outta town.


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