Monday, February 25, 2013

A Quiet Weekend

My house is abnormally quiet this Aunt and Cousin left for home (a day later than they were supposed to, thanks to a cancelled flight) and that guy that I like so much left on tour with his choir, so it's been just me and my two teens.

I did have to counsel one boy with an insurance issue and deal with a broken down car, so the first quiet day was really just a super grumpy day for me.  But oh well, that's life.  The happy part to the day was the fact that my Aunt made her incredible meatballs before she left and so supper was a no brainer...grab a fork, spear a meatball and munch away.

No one complained.


It was an extremely full week.  We did the whole tourist thing and saw lots of things in this crazy state that I call home.  I'm always amazed at how much there is to do and how many different 'worlds' there are here...I happen to live in the regular normal world.  You know, the whole 'if I don't go to the store right now there will be some very unhappy (and hungry) people in this house' world.  

But that whole Hollywood world?

Well, they probably don't even eat.


Driving Brian to practice.
And a little game of basketball involving Alex, who is playing in an adult league with a bunch of his friends.

So very, very fun to see him on the court again.

The cheering section, cheering on all our boys.  They've been besties since they were knee high and this is the first time they've played on the same team.  It's casual and fun...though I'm not sure we will be allowed back.


This Monday morning will find me catching up on all the work I neglected last week, getting a much needed pedicure and taking my youngest on a breakfast date to Denny's (his choice) since he has late start.

Back to real life.


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