Friday, September 7, 2012

This Week

All my boys.

The one in the middle?  That's my oldest...the one who jumped ship and moved away.  

The night he left that guy that I like so much popped open a bottle of champagne and toasted, 'one down, two to go!'

The two remaining boys at the table didn't think it was funny.


Brian got a bedroom makeover, though while rearranging his bed we found where he was putting his gum.


Lunch at El Trigo...sketchy neighborhood, GREAT food.

Thinking of signing up for the show 'Hoarders'.  Our attic is a hot nightmare and it's all junk.  My idea? Sell the house and include the attic as is.

Supper in the next town with the family.  Their new backyard?  Awesome.  Every fly within a 50 mile radius thought so, too, and kindly joined us for dinner.  Then they flew home with us and are turning every meal we now eat outside in to a war zone.


 Family skyping is just cool.  Sorry if I hogged all the time.


Every family needs an Alex.  


The big boys are responsible for wearing out the little boy.  Not sure who was more tired...both mine fell asleep on the 20 minute ride home!

Busy week around here, with a busy weekend coming up.  The baby is turning 14 and I've got a cake to bake!


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