Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday in the Mountains

Today that guy that I like so much and I took a little drive to the mountains in search of peace and quiet.

I've been working like a hound dog these last few weeks...working a new job that I am having to figure out myself since everyone either thinks I just know what to do or just doesn't really give a hoot, so I am just winging it and getting done what needs to be done.  It's just weird though...but I'm figuring it out as time goes on.  After all, every morning is a new day in the world of crossing guards.  And their bosses.


But this morning, we packed up a bunch of stuff for the oldest of our offspring and headed west.  I worked in the car on the way there, answering a bazillion work emails all while listening to the Forrest Gump soundtrack (LOVE. period.) and chatting about how strange it is that we are THOSE parents...those parents that have grown up children.

I mean...THOSE parents are OLD.  Are we old now?  Seriously?

But once at the mountain we forgot about being old and walked and climbed higher and higher in search of apples and pears.

The sun was shining and it was that perfect sort of warm...the kind of warm where you can tell that Autumn is knocking at the door.  There are two perfect sort of warm's in my book...the one where the warm chases away the cold of winter and the other where the warm begins to welcome the chill back in.

God sent the latter to us today.

The best thing about going to the orchards on a Monday is that they are pretty much empty.  We were the only ones there and we spent our time examining each and every branch for the most perfect fruit...and sampling apples fresh off the trees as we went along.

For a girl with sugar issues, apples are a treat...and I felt like it was Christmas morning while munching away.  Yum.

Once finished, we drove a little ways down the mountain and snuck in a lunch date with one of my favorite boys in the whole wide world...the boy who is the easiest of my three to make laugh, the boy who has suddenly made us feel old because he doesn't live here any more and is now a grown up in grad school, the boy who I miss so very, very much.

Lunch on a Monday?

Nice.  A treat.  A blessing.  


We made it home in time to greet our other two and cook a big pot of pasta with sausage and peas and (gasp!) heavy cream and tomatoes...and then watched them munch away on apples while yelling at the refs on Monday night football.  That guy that I like so much dashed out to a rehearsal and I spent the evening catching up on my bible study homework and doing laundry. 

And staring at apples I can't eat...well, at least until the sun rises and a new day dawns.  Can't wait...except the morning also brings crossing guards and all their issues and that job I am trying to figure out.  

But today?  Today was just nice.  I'm not going to worry about tomorrow until tomorrow comes.


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