Monday, September 3, 2012

A Disney Morning

That guy that I like so much and I took advantage of an early entry morning for annual passholders to Disneyland last week,,,they opened the park an hour early and we decided to go and check it out.  We've got the cheapest passes you can have...the ones where we can't go on any weekends or at all during the summer, but those work perfect for us now.  Now that we are the only two in our family who have them.

It's a great date place.


 The park was EMPTY.  We grabbed a coffee and walked down Main Street and it was so quiet and so...perfect.  

We got there at about 8:00am, the Park opened to the public at 9:00am...but since most are back in school it wasn't very crowded all morning.   

By 11:00 am we had ridden almost every ride with absolutely no lines...walking right on to everything. And then?  The best ride of all:

The food ride.

I love eating overly priced, yet really yummy food at Disneyland.


 We splurged on a mint julep because I had never had one.  I bet they taste better if you are at a horse race and wearing a really big hat...and maybe have a shot of alcohol in them?

I'm learning some things about me...things like one roller coaster is fine, but two are not.  The Matterhorn is for young, limber bodies...of which mine isn't.  The tree house which used to make me out of breath, is a breeze thanks to snake ridden trail runs.  That I love nothing more than to walk around and look at all the flowers.

 That I am not as competitive as that guy that I like so much.  In some things, anyway.

We were home by noon...just in time for boys to begin stumbling out of their rooms in search of food.  It's like they have this 6th sense, this radar, that alerts them to the fact that the food maker is back in the house.

What is it about boys who are able to sweet talk me with 'but mom, your sandwiches taste so much better than any other sandwich I could possibly ever make' that makes me suddenly willing to make them lunch even though I say I never will?  Would they starve if I didn't?

I don't get it either, but I made them all sandwiches because that is what I do...though I did tell them all (again) that this would be the last time.

Yeah, right.


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