Monday, September 17, 2012

Over The Weekend

It all began with a little trip to California Adventure...I mean, we had never visited the new Cars Land yet.  And not only that, I will publicly admit that I haven't seen the movie...mainly because it was released when my 3rd child was on the cusp of watching movies with real people and his mother could not handle one more animated character.

It's true...which also means he hadn't seen it either.  I completely failed my now 14 year old.

Oh well...add it to the list.  The 'tell it to your therapist' list.  Each of my kids has one because I'm a great parent.


It. Was. Hot.

The kind of hot where the sweat was running down my back.  Ugh.  We lasted until 12:30pm and practically ran back to the car where we turned the AC to the 'artic tundra' setting.

Oh...and that new Cars Land ride?  The best ever.  Can't wait to go back when it's cooler!

On Saturday we visited our boy in the mountains...saw his new place and stocked him up with food and took a tour of his new school.  He's a fun one and he's a great tour's just nice to have a visual image of his hang out spots.

I asked him how he liked grad school and his response? 

'There's no math in grad school'...said with a big smile on his face.

Math and Matthew were never the best of friends.


His campus?


I have to made me want to move there.  Well, except for the fact that it was 105 degrees.  I think God knew I was going to have a hint of the green headed monster and threw in a dose of extra hot weather just for me.

It worked.  But in the Autumn when the chill hits and the leaves start turning?  Oy.  Oh wait...then I'll have a son telling me that he moved to get AWAY.


In the meantime, Alex went beach camping and sent me this amazing picture.  WOW.  Yeppers...we live in a place where you can ski the mountains in the morning and picnic on the beach in the afternoon.

It's also the place where it costs way, way too much to live.

Oh well.  Can't have it all.

Sunday was church followed by lunch followed by a much needed pedicure.

My toes are SO happy!

Sunday afternoon meant football and napping boys and work for that guy that I like so much and bible study work for me.

It was just one of those much needed, relaxing afternoons.  A true Sabbath.  

Sunday supper was huge ribeyes that we threw on the grill, garlic smashed potatoes and this really awesome roasted broccoli.  Everyone in my family liked it, which is always a good thing.

And yes, I need new pans.  I'm thinking we are going to renew our vows next year and have a huge party...and on the invite ask everyone who attends to bring a kitchen item.  

Toaster?  Blender?  Baking sheets?  Yes, please.  

The best part about our Sunday dinner?  While sitting in the garden, it got chilly.  The kind of chilly where I had to go grab a sweater.

And all God's people said....AMEN.


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  1. I wonder if Chicago beats CA for costing too much to live. We've always had the highest gas prices in the country, the highest (or 2nd highest) sales tax rate, our county has a high unemployment rate, and high real estate taxes. Where do I want to live next?


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