Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just A List...

...of things that make me happy lately:

1. salted caramel (or is it toffee?) mocha's from Starbucks.  (ordered sugar free mocha, non fat, no whip, thankyouverymuch.) YUM.

2. my new job.  HUGE territory but doing stuff I think is a good fit for me.  Today was dealing with a guard who was giving a supervisor a hard time, so I went to assess the situation.  Parked my car and acted like a pedestrian...chatted with him about the weather, the taco place on the corner and his brothers car detailing business all while waiting for the light to change.  He was friendly and made me laugh and then he waved me across the street and let me cross myself.  How kind of him!  I walked back to my car, threw on a supervisor vest and suddenly my chatty buddy couldn't remember a word of English.  Made me laugh.


3. grilled cheese.

4. my middle son, who is just fun.  Except for tonight when his beloved Bronco's lost.

5. pandora.  The Colbie Calliat station, to be exact.  The louder the better.

6. being able to picture where Matthew is performing.  And taking classes.  And sleeping.

7. the last two teeny tiny tomatoes on the vine, picked while no one was looking, sprinkled with a little salt and eaten standing up at the kitchen sink.

8. a spiritual awakening when I had no clue I was having a spiritual sleepening.  Not that that will make sense to anyone but me, but it's cool nonetheless.

9. a bottle of bubbly that is out of our price range chilling in the fridge, just waiting to be popped open while we are sitting in the garden.  Anyone want to come share?

10. Brian, who after two weeks of high school Spanish, thinks he is fluent.  Really.  Just ask him...he'll tell you.

11. an overdue visit to the chiropractor this morning...that rolling table thing you lay on after an adjustment?  I love that thing!  Makes me feel like I'm 5 inches taller than when I walked in.

AND...12, because 12 seems like a good number to end on.  12 is sleep.  I've actually slept the last few nights.  Life just seems better when you've had a good nights sleep, don't you think?  Still lacking a money tree, still have an engine light on in a car or two, still got closets that need to be cleaned and floors that need to be mopped.  But somehow, it just doesn't seem as bad with a well rested mind and body.


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