Thursday, August 11, 2011

Waking Up

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all my friends...the in real life ones and the online ones.  You are all so important to me...more than you'll ever know.


I have always loved the idea of 'tomorrow' and the chance to make a fresh go at whatever it is that I want to make a fresh go of...and I often think how God could have easily left out the darkness part of creation and just had us live in light all day long.

But that waking up time...that time following darkness and then seeing the light of the morning, squinting at first at the brightness and then allowing your eyes to fully open and see...I mean, there is nothing quite like that.

And I feel as if I have woken up again.

Summer is coming to a close around these parts and while school doesn't start for us until September 8th, that guy that I like so much is back at work (and has been for weeks already) so we've gotten back into that school year schedule already.  

You know the brewing first thing in the morning, a little watching of the weather on the TV and then a quick kiss goodbye before heading out the door.

Except (and this is a BIG except), I then get to go back to bed.  Glorious.  There is nothing at all like climbing back into a still warm bed with a cup of coffee and a fun book to current is A Wrinkle In Time which I am savoring every word of.  These just might be my favorite moments of summer.


This week Brian is at skateboarding camp from 8 - 1pm and while he is gone it's just me and one sleepy 17 year old who doesn't usually crawl out of bed until after noon anyway.  So I've been plotting...picking paint colors and deciding which of our 1, 282 sq ft to paint first and what colors and where to re-hang old pictures to make them look new.

It's time for a makeover, baby.

(but the yellow's not going away.  I just can't do's just so HAPPY.  But my laundry room?  well, it's gonna make me feel like I'm washing clothes in Greece...cuz washing clothes in Greece has gotta be more fun than washing clothes in SoCal?)

In Matthew in Indianapolis is his very last performance of his drum and bugle corps career.  After 7 years, well...this is it.  

Make it a good one, baby.  


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  1. Michele, your blog usually makes me think I'm hungry - at least hungry for whatever you've photographed! (in this case, pork chops) Also, I saw a film tonight I think you & Michael would also appreciate: remind me to tell you when I stop by en route from the mailbox tomorrow...


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