Friday, August 26, 2011

Busy Week

Summer is winding down and my boys are milking it for everything it is worth...staying up late and sleeping until noon, which means this mama has had some quiet mornings.

Makes up for the extremely loud (and active) evenings.

Though who I am kidding.  No quiet mornings for me...I'm back to work.  I was hired back with the same company I worked for before (which I really, really like) doing kind of the same job plus lots more (still part time) and all of it (for now) is from home.

On the phone.

And we all know how much I love talking on the phone.

Not. At. All.


And why is it that we cannot seem to get a burger WITHOUT cheese from the golden arches for my non-cheese loving baby boy??

(and why we are even eating at the golden arches I'll never know...but I do like their new mochas!)

So, where was I?  All these phone calls are frying my brain!

Oh salsa.  Definitely a far cry (thankfully) from the golden arches.  Was life complete before I made this?  Pretty sure the answer is NO.

Sweet mangos, cilantro, creamy avocado, crunchy cucumber, spicy jalapeno and SALTY CHIPS...let's just have a moment, or two, of silence.


(and a word of WILL get green stuff in your teeth if you eat this.  It's just the way it goes.)

I love this time of year (heck, I love all times of year)...but especially this time of year when a slight chill settles in as the sun goes down.  We've got a basket full of afghans that we pull outside for whoever might want one...the other night we actually bundled up and watched Roman Holiday in the backyard in the candlelight.  

Dreamy and romantic, even with green things in my teeth.

Today, following a ton more phone calls where I am interviewing people on the phone who don't speak much english (and my four years of high school spanish isn't helping a bit, but I still stand by my 'everybody understands friendly' motto, even on the phone), I'm sneaking in a little lunch date with that guy that I like so much. 



So tell has your week been?


  1. Busy week here too! I had three days of teacher inservices and two days to work in my classroom. I had gotten a lot done already, but I still had to do the hallway bulletin boards, do all the labeling of stuff with names, and organize old files and new paperwork. Now I have to create my daily schedule and start lesson planning. The kids start Monday!

    Kate had orientation stuff on Monday and Tuesday (advisory meetings, technology training, lunch with faculty, music auditions, etc.). She has had her first three days of class. She made it into the concert choir on her first attempt and will be singing a lot of Vivaldi between now and early December. I hope she likes the choir!

  2. Hey, you at least got a job! My previous one was on the phone for a telemarketing firm. (no sales for me, just the scrub work) Let's say, I don't like talking on the phone much now. I wish I had time to eat during my school day. What's written on paper for an unpaid lunch isn't the amount of time I'm getting. Maybe this will help with the weight loss!


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