Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have fallen in love with Pandora radio over the last few months and love more than anything to hop in my car and after doing a rather unconventional way of hooking my phone up with my car stereo, turn it on and select a station.
bowls of spaghetti...

The station depends on what kind of mood I am in (though it ALWAYS has words...sorry, guy that I like so much!) and is anything from The Weepies (my drive to the beach, feelin' kinda mello) to Bob Seger (feelin' kinda old school) to Bob Marley (thanks to my middle son!!) to The Carpenters (when I feel like singing at the top of my lungs).

But my current favorite is Francesca Battistelli, a Christian artist who is all over the radio.  

I like her music.  A lot.
...and meatballs...

One of her songs is called Motion of Mercy (which I thought was called Mercy in Motion when I started writing this but when I looked it up saw that I was wrong, so now this isn't going to make as much sense because my brain thought it was something else)  and it got me thinking.

Gotta love when that happens.

(that means Whoopsy Daisy, in case you were wondering...)

...followed by a long nap on your mama's bed.  is there anything better?

Anyway, the song had me thinking about mercy and how warped my sense of mercy has been.  I've often thought of it as something I ask for when I (gulp) demand it (which is often) during a crisis (Lord...please?) but not as something that is ALWAYS there.

And yeah, I demand.  When things are rough I tell God that 'I need mercy NOW' cuz I am bossy.  And self centered.  

 I forget about the daily, never ending gift that it is.  As sure as the air I breathe, his mercy is just always there.  Day in, day out.  24/7.

It's constant, with no peaks or valleys.

I need to be less about me and more about being thankful for the amazing gift he has given me.  
yep.  sleepovers with cousins are better, or so I've been told.  =0)

Life in my little house is full right now.  Summer is winding down and we are no where near ready to let it go.  There's been beach trips and Six Flags visits and water park experiences and teen driving adventures and fresh figs off our very own tree.

It sounds crazy busy, but in reality it is calm and fun...and for that I am thankful.  We haven't had much calm 'round these parts the last few months, so I'll take it.  I'm not looking ahead to tomorrow while trying to figure it all out...just finding the joy in the simple.


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  1. My fave of hers right now is This is the Stuff----soooo true to every day life! :)


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