Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Is Ending

The door to summer feels like it has slammed shut and even though my younger boys are still in the lounge around all day mode (school starts on the 8th and 9th of September for them), I am back to work.

And I'm having trouble managing my time...I'm only paid to work a certain number of hours and what I need to do is just stop when that period of time is up.    

One of the few cons to working from home.

We are approaching that time of year that I love so much and I've been in the mood to cook things that go in the oven for a few hours...the kind of things that are almost always served with mashed potatoes.  Or homemade bread.  Or dumplings or noodles.  Or any other thing you can think of that causes one to add a little extra padding to themselves because it tastes oh so good.


But we're not quite there yet.  For one, my freezer still has ribs and brats and strip steaks in it and two, I am just not ready to lose my outdoor dining room.  I love it so much back there and even though we have a heater, it's not the same as those warm summer evenings.
she's gonna kill me.  =0)

Brian has had the most incredible (and expensive!) summer ever...a month of music summer school, skateboard camp, basketball camp, the pools and beach and water park and skateparks and six flags and just plain 'ole hanging out with friends.

This week?  There's nothin'.  Absolutely nothing and he is bored.  Totally, utterly bored...but I'm not feeling too sorry for him.  He's had fun and now it's time for boredom.

He'll live.

Alex on the other hand...well, he's living life to the fullest.  I can't believe I'm about to have another senior in high school...
he's gonna kill me.  =0)

Next week will find us back into some sort of routine...the boys will be back in school, which means bedtimes and breakfasts on the go and (gasp) homework.  But for me it also means the return to bible study and some girlfriend time and floors that stay clean for a few hours during the day.

I like clean floors.


How about you?  Happy summer is ending or no?


  1. Well, this summer didn't 'get happy' until August - for various reasons - and then on the 8th, My Girl left so her summer was over! But my 8-day-date with Bob in London did redeem the season...I'll stop by the first afternoon you are 'just relaxing in the garden' to share how your 'happy heart-medicine' worked. Just say when.

  2. The best part of my summer was my time with YOU two! Amazing food trucks & Harbor Master & Angry Birds & catching up & asking myself just why I moved away, anyway. Getting a good dose of you & your wonderful family. I did enjoy my Crested Butte, CO time too. One realizes how important it is to enjoy every day & be grateful for the many gifts we have been given. I ask for prayers for my sister who has just been diagnosed with pancreatic & liver cancer. 6 years younger than I am.
    Thanks for Words w/Friends too! Can't wait to hear how work goes this year.... Kathy DJ


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