Sunday, May 1, 2011

Senior Dinner

Every year, we host a sit down dinner for my husbands students who are finally graduating after four long years and moving on to grown-up land.

This year, with 21, we were bursting at the seams and a few hours before the party I realized we didn't own enough dishes and glasses and I begged a boy or two to climb into the attic and find anything they could find that we might use.

After dragging down a chair, a bag of marbles, ski hats and a kermit the frog telephone, they struck the mother lode.

My wedding silver. Married for 25 years and we have NEVER unwrapped it.

Along with the silver, the boys brought down boxes of our wedding people even register for formal china anymore? Anyway, ours had been packed away due to hopping of states but is now (after 25 years) unpacked. Better yet? I still like it!

The next problem was figuring out seating for a more formal supper...solved that one by carrying the kitchen table outside.

Didn't leave this space empty during the party, though...put a cute little bistro table in it's place.

I cooked and cooked and cooked and while I can normally throw a big dinner party together in a snap, this one was not easy. Numbers get changing, people were coming late and I was getting grumpier and grumpier and grumpier.

And possibly grumpier. At one point I even uttered the 'I am NEVER doing this again' phrase.

It all came together once they arrived and everyone had a really nice time. All were fed and happy and loved hanging out in the backyard...which was warm and cozy thanks to the arrival of Spring.
And in the end I was reminded that they didn't care what they ate or the plates they used or the chairs they sat on...they only cared about being together and celebrating the fact that while college is ending, the whole world is waiting for them.

Remember feeling that way?


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  1. How wonderful that you are finally unpacking & enjoying your china & silver! (and, like you, I only "registered" for that in 1974 because that's what was done in the midwest!) Try using it every sunday - or at least holidays & bdays, as it does say "special occasion", which - for you & me - is every meal the whole family gathers round! (has Matthew decided on a grad school yet?)


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