Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clothes Everywhere.

Clothes in the family room.

(for the record, he says he 'didn't mean to' and that he 'doesn't remember undressing in the middle of the family room in the middle of the night' and 'my roommates don't care.')

Guess what?
I am your roommate now.

Clothes on the bathroom floor.

(This picture gave me great pleasure...because of it I am no longer doing anyone's laundry but mine and that guy that I like so much. I warned every male under the age of 22 that lives in my house and they didn't believe me.)


Smelly shoes in the kitchen.

(I actually moved my shoes out of the way before taking this picture, but you can keep a secret...right?)
Welcome to my life.

One girl. Four boys. Two cats. One box of brownie mix. Zero eggs.


  1. ROFL---you could have taken those same pictures in my house!!! What is it about boys?!

  2. Why is it anytime one wants to make brownies, there are no eggs?! The easiest thing to bake yet also the hardest sometimes.

  3. I am wondering what my house will look like when Kate returns from Hogwarts...oops, I mean Capernwray. It stays soooo much cleaner with just the two of us!

    Right now it's filling with clutter from my classroom. I'm stacking it all in the dining room for the next few weeks. When I get back from England I can move it all to my new classroom. Who knew I could accumulate so much stuff? I got a frog rain gauge to add to my frog collection today. The kindergartener insisted to his parents that I needed it so I could teach measurement to next year's group of kids. It's really cute :)


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