Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Week

My oldest shrub moved home last week but is really only storing his things here...for his 7th and final summer he will be spending his days, nights and everything in between playing a mellophone on a football field. His drum and bugle corps will travel 12,000 miles on a bus...actually 3 buses and two semi's, one of which is a complete kitchen on wheels that will feed 175 people 3 meals a day every day for close to two months.

Crazy, but he loves it.

I spent Monday with family...Michelle brought my Aunt and Uncle down for a visit and I loved every minute of the day.

It was fun to show them around my neck of the woods (and celebrate my Aunt Joyce's birthday!) and spend a day laughing at every little thing.

A great day indeed.


We played around Balboa Island and Newport Beach and then came back to my little house on my little street. Let me just say...I love my people.


And I loved sharing my part of the planet with them.

Also fun...catching a sweet moment between brothers. I love watching how their relationships are changing, though I will admit that soon after I took this picture chaos erupted and checkers flew.

We're still missing one.

Also this week...a late night rendevous at Maggiano's. My recommendation...the beef medallions with extra sauce and a side of broccolini to share. You'll thank me.

Saturday I climbed into my car and went on a mini road trip to celebrate my nephew's graduation. My cousin and his family live just under 3 hours away and so I turned on Pandora to the Mama's and Papa's station and sang my heart out to 70's tunes for most of the trip. Along the way, half way in between our houses I found it...the land of milk and honey. Green hills on all sides, blue sky and fluffy white clouds (where the 15 and the 395 meet up, if you live in SoCal) of the most beautiful sights I've seen.


The party was fun...especially spending time with family that I love so much. More importantly, they loved my dad and as the anniversary of his death approaches next week, it was nice to talk about (and remember) the good...and forget the bad. I will forever have to deal with the fact that I was not a good enough daughter (but at the same time I was trying to be a good wife and mother...that has to count for something?) and I'm wondering...does the grieving ever really end?
I loved being in the desert...miles and miles of land and nothingness. Compared to the hustle and bustle of Orange County (which I also love) it was so calming and beautiful. I spent close to an hour on this two lane road and this is what I saw....if it weren't for the gusty wind, it would have been eerily quiet.

Good food. Family. Pandora radio.

A perfect little getaway.


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  1. This encourages me, Michele - that you found both your family reunions last week 'fun'! I'll have to get some tips from you (when there's one family member who makes it her job to make me uncomfortable) before June 30, when we leave for a week of 2 reunions, big ones I'm spose to help coordinate!? btw,Your blog will be such a 'brilliant' legacy for your boys! I've started reading archives!


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