Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday and the Beach

My boys are all under one roof again for the next few weeks and it is so fun to listen to the talking and laughing that is happening between them in the back of the house...the kind of sounds that make a mom happy.

And then they start wrestling and throwing each other into walls and leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor and sweating and I'm suddenly reminded of why empty nesters are always smiling.

It's because they don't have to keep repairing the drywall.

I was given some money for my birthday (thanks parental units!) and I spent the most lovely afternoon in my favorite antique/thrift/junk store...I went in just wanting to browse but with a little stash of cash tucked away and about ten steps in, I found it.

A little yellow window with the kind of glass I love so much and it spoke to me and asked to be brought home.

And how could I not?

I kept thinking, 'oh, I'll paint it when I get home' but once home the two yellows looked so happy together that I knew all at once that it was meant to be all along.

Isn't birthday money the best?

That guy that I like so much woke up this Monday morning and even though it was his birthday, looked younger and more relaxed than he has all semester.

Why? Because it is over and he made it to the other side.

The summer side.


His birthday treat...breakfast on the beach. Coffee. Beignets. (with extra powdered sugar, please) Benedicts. Croque Madame.

Followed by what I thought would be freezing cold toes but nope...warm and sunny and in need of a polish change.

But we can discuss that later.

I love the beach all the time but especially when it wakes up after the winter...when the sand and sun are both the same temperature and the untanned tourists from faraway places haven't yet stolen all the good parking places.

Real life stepped in for a few hours...dishes had to be washed, clothes had to be folded and an appointment or two had to be kept but then it was time to gather the troops and head to our favorite restaurant for a birthday feast.
Happy Birthday, Michael!


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